Spring breaker caught ‘chugging’ from construction cone, jailed after hospital trip

April 6, 2019

A Montana teenager apparently had a little bit too good of a time on spring break after he found himself in the Lake Havasu City Jail after a recent incident.

According to information from police, Malik Jerome Heydon, 19, of Whitefish, Montana, was cited for being in possession of alcohol and for disorderly conduct.

The report said police spoke with Heydon in the upper parking lot at a resort regarding him urinating on a vehicle at about 6:22 p.m., Wednesday, March 20, while several families were present in the immediate area.

When a 911 dispatcher took the call, Heydon was allegedly laying next to a curb with two other men standing next to him. The officer said she both men trying to help Heydon up and she then called for medical assistance.

The officer said she tried to speak to Heydon, but he couldn’t put sentences together. The officer said she saw a large puddle that smelled of urine next to the vehicle he was laying near.

The officer spoke to one of the other men and he said they had just arrived in Havasu from Phoenix for spring break. The man said he saw Heydon “chugging” a construction cone full of alcohol.

After medics treated him, a breath test showed a .231 reading, nearly three times the legal limit.

When the officer spoke to a witness to the incident, he said he was upset because young children with the families saw Heydon urinating.

According to police, Heydon was taken to Havasu Regional Medical Center and he acted disorderly by yelling and using profanity.

After he was medically cleared, Heydon was taken to the city jail.