‘Starved Rock’ murderer denied parole nearly 6 decades later

November 30, 2018

SPRINGFIELD – The man tied to three murders at Starved Rock State Park in 1960 lost his 23rd bid for parole Thursday, The Times in Ottawa reported.

The Illinois Prisoner Review Board’s vote was tied 7-7, but it takes a majority to approve a release.

That means ​Chester Weger, 79, who has been behind bars more than 57 years, was one vote shy. A member of the prisoner review board wasn’t present Thursday, and Weger’s attorney protested the outcome.

On March 14, 1960, Lillian Oetting, Mildred Lindquist and Frances Murphy, all 50 and of Riverside in suburban Chicago, who were staying at the park’s lodge, hiked a few miles into St. Louis Canyon. They were found beaten to death 2 days later.

After a monthslong investigation, Weger, a dishwasher at the lodge and a married father of two, was charged.

A jury found the La Salle man guilty of Oetting’s murder on March 4, 1961, his 22nd birthday, and he was sentenced to life in prison. He was not tried for the other two murders.

Weger is in Pinckneyville Correctional Center; he is Illinois’ longest imprisoned person.

Weger, who denies he killed the women, first applied for parole in 1972. He also lost his bid last year by a vote of 7-7.

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