Letter to the editor: Politics not about winning & losing

October 13, 2018

I hope Lori Falce was being facetious when her op-ed, “Picking a side isn’t always political. Or is it?” (Sept. 27, TribLIVE), compared football to political disagreements. Football allegiances can be vociferous, but many fans keep it in perspective. I had a problem with the behavior of some Penn State fans after the Pitt/Penn State game, but I also had some reasonable and friendly discussions with others.

Political differences are about much more than winning and losing. Only a handful of democracies have lasted more than 250 years, and we are close to imploding from within. Our country has been blessed, but I believe our founding, our Constitution and a government of laws -- not men -- have all been fundamental to our success. Along these lines, Supreme Court nominees have never been selected by polls or character assassination. The Republican Party is committed to certain principles, but also to preserving our borders. These stances are not right-wing or extreme.

Conversely, I see too many in the Democratic leadership, educational establishment, mainstream media and entertainment industry who have become so radicalized that they believe in uncontrolled immigration, a denuded Constitution and socialism rather than capitalism.

Most importantly, I see a polarization whereby many on the left don’t want to win their argument, but would rather use name-calling and intimidation. The Democratic platform and tactics are not just liberal, but against American ideals of representative, constitutional government and freedom. Now we can add presumed guilt.

That said, with the help of newspapers like the Trib, let’s keep the dialogue open.

Michael W. Contes

New Kensington

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