Connect climate change to personal stories -- Will Busse

November 27, 2018

Thank you for your coverage of the U.S. government’s National Climate Assessment issued recently.

The anticipated costs of climate change in terms of economic impact and lives lost should be staggering and serve as another wake-up call that we must take major steps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, statistics don’t affect us the same way that a good story does. We need to connect climate change to the stories of flooding in our neighbor’s basement or of friends being displaced by damage from a hurricane or wildfire.

Personally, I have also been reflecting on the impact a changing climate will have on my children’s stories and how I will look them in the eye someday when I tell them what action I took in the face of the threat facing our planet.

Bipartisan support is growing for a revenue neutral carbon fee which is widely accepted as the most effective way to move to a sustainable future. Our leaders at all levels of government must know we care about this issue if they are expected to pledge their support. Take two minutes this week to call them and say it matters to you.

Will Busse, Fitchburg

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