Graniteville apostle releases new book on the trials and triumphs of pastoring

December 18, 2018

Local author and Apostle Viola Holmes has released her second book on her religious journey and experiences as a Christian and a pastor.

“My first book was more about my private life,” Holmes said. Her new book, titled “Journey from the Pews to the Pulpit,” centers more around her experiences as a spiritual leader and building her own church.

“I wrote about how I dealt with people as a pastor, and the trials that you go through as a pastor with your calling as a minister,” Holmes said.

It took her about a year and a half to write her new book. Her previous book “Tested by Fire” took longer, she said.

One of the challenges Holmes’ touched on in “Journey from the Pews to the Pulpit” was the struggle to have her own church built. In spite of initially running into financial and ownership issues with the seller of the property, Holmes said it was “all part of God’s plan.”

Holmes’ church, Center of Hope, is located in Graniteville.

Another issue discussed in the book was Holmes seeking to become an apostle, a Christian leader she described as being “called by the lord” to take up many responsibilities, such as leadership and organization. Holmes said she was met with doubt and discrimination from people claiming there could be no women apostles.

“I come from a heritage of pastors,” Holmes said. “My grandfather was a pastor, my father and most of his brothers were pastors, and now my son and grandson are pastors, but I became an apostle not just because of my heritage. It was because the Lord had called me to it. It was my personal calling.”

Holmes said the takeaway message from her new book is about striding through tough times with perseverance, and that everything happens for a reason.

“There will be trials,” Holmes said. “There will be temptations. Don’t focus on those. Focus on who is over those challenges...God is leading you. It is all a part of God’s plan.”

“Journey from the Pews to the Pulpits” can be purchased online at amazon.com.

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