Orchids and Onions: Thursday, November 15, 2018

November 15, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Billie in the photo dept. at Walgreens. She was a huge help to me and my family. She helped tremendously with slides for my husband’s funeral and more times since then. Renate

Orchids to Grace Arts Live and its musical Mamma Mia. I so enjoyed it. Very talented people, wonderful singing, dancing and it was so much fun to watch. Can’t wait for Little Women! Angie

Onions to the front desk at my veterinarian. The doctor and tech were amazing, but the front desk and “manager” were by far the worst I have ever dealt with.

Onions to the red Prius who thought it was ok to speed though my front yard and use my circle driveway as a U-turn. This happens every Snowbird season. It’s not ok!

Onions to the obtuse one that caused so much trouble for some very special humans I see on TV your officially a member of a recognized cult it all make perfect sense can’t wait to see the show on national TV seems karma came and had you in her crosshairs all you need now is crazy eye plywood art.

Onions to the closing of Schlotzsky’s went in to order honey baked ham and discovered they had closed their doors will miss the good lunches spent there hope we have not more closures. Carol J

Orchids to my brother Ranger Terry he witnessed a puppy ran over while driving out of Walgreen’s. He stopped traffic to pick the little lifeless puppy up and out of street, while others just drove by it and the one who killed the puppy never stopped. So sad, where are human feelings? I love you.

Orchids to Pet Boutique! Wonderful fun toys, great snacks and prices. The groomers are awesome also! I love this place and my doggy loves it too!

Orchids to Arynn and Sierra at Arby’s over on Swanson. Not most people would be happy and bubbly when you come to do business with them, but when I got there after work, they were happy and helpful. I would definitely recommend going to Arby’s for lunch or dinner.

Onions to high gas prices, Price of oil is down drastically! National price for gas is down ($2.68)! Bullhead City gas prices 30-40 cent less than Havasu retailers! Onions to Havasu gas retailers still gouging!

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