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Spokane Valley woman arrested after stabbing neighbor with steak knife

Nicholas DeshaisMay 28, 2019

A 67-year-old Spokane Valley woman was arrested Sunday night after stabbing a neighbor in the chest with a steak knife.

The woman, Carole Cady, was charged with two counts of second degree assault. The man who was stabbed was taken to the hospital and released.

According to a news release from the Spokane Valley Police Department, Cady has a history of mental health issues and had increasingly threatened neighbors in her apartment complex on 16th Avenue.

At around 5:20 p.m., Cady was allegedly yelling at a woman in her car, who was honking the horn. Cady held a steak knife and shovel in her hands. Two other residents approached Cady, who went back to her apartment. They followed and tried to detain her. She “stabbed at the men wildly with the knife, stabbing the victim once in the chest,” according to the release.

The men restrained her until law enforcement officials arrived.

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