NEW YORK (AP) _ Brian Jordan got the grand tour of New York: lunch at the ``21'' club, a handshake with Kevin Costner and an audience with George Steinbrenner.

``We had a terrific meeting and felt comfortable with their interest,'' the outfielder's agent, Jim Turner, said Wednesday. ``After the meeting, we felt very comfortable that they were truly interested. It was a very impressive day.''

Jordan, believed to be seeking a four- or five-year deal averaging about $8 million, went to lunch with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and coach Chris Chambliss, then went up to the ballpark to meet Steinbrenner and manager Joe Torre.

Atlanta and Baltimore also are wooing Jordan, who hit .316 last season with 25 homers, 91 RBIs and 17 steals.

New York's first choice is to re-sign Bernie Williams, who is seeking a seven-year contract averaging more than Mike Piazza's $91 million, seven-year contract with the Mets.

Williams has talked with the Arizona Diamondbacks, who denied making a $100 million, seven-year offer, and also may be talking with the Orioles and Boston Red Sox.

But it's unclear how much interest the Orioles and Red Sox have in Williams, who turned down a $37.5 million, five-year offer from the Yankees last winter. New York hasn't made a proposal, but one is expected within the next week.

Meanwhile, it remained unclear how much interest the Yankees have in Belle, who also is dealing with the Red Sox. Belle became a free agent under a special clause in his contract with the White Sox but also has until Dec. 2 to return to his deal with Chicago, which has three years remaining and guarantees him $35 million.

Cashman and Torre made a big splash by going out to Tucson to meet with Belle, and the manager even played golf with the temperamental outfielder, but Steinbrenner hasn't met with Belle and says his baseball people haven't asked him for permission to make an offer.