Lake Mills residents impressed with Winker

September 11, 2018

Editor, Daily Times:

A refreshing change. Melissa Winker is a candidate to represent our Wisconsin Assembly District 38. In this era of extreme partisanship and negativity found in too many campaigns, it is encouraging to hear someone like Melissa that centers on the positive. We recently had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Melissa. She stated her priorities for our area in an upbeat and realistic manner -- without a single negative reference to another candidate or political party.

More impressive was the question and answer session. Her response to every question revealed a high working knowledge of many important issues. And then she took the time to meet as many of the people in attendance as possible to hear what their main concerns were. Adequate school funding, affordable health care, natural resource protection, and a strong economy as they pertain to our district are a few of the areas she intends to work on for us.

We encourage voters in the Wisconsin 38th Assembly District to learn more about Melissa Winker. We need people like this to work for us.

Cynthia and

Glenn Kinderman

Lake Mills

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