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Bright and Brief

November 5, 1986

AMES, Iowa (AP) _ Although ″flowers would be nice,″ according to one Iowa State University freshman, it isn’t the plainness of the bathroom tissue that irks dormitory residents, it is the texture.

″It’s harsh. I think it crackles when you crumple it,″ said Amy Taylor, a member of Merchant House, a residence hall that launched a petition drive asking that dorms be stocked with softer toilet paper.

″It’s single-ply, it’s hard, it’s rough and it’s plain white and dull,″ said freshman Kim Collier. She suggested a flower pattern.

Students complain that the situation has become so bad that men provide Charmin in their dorm restrooms to lure women to parties.

School officials said recently they’d be willing to consider switching.

Residence halls director Charles Frederiksen, said he wasn’t aware students are bothered by the toilet paper, which he described as ″probably somewhere in between a catalog and Kleenex. It’s not real soft and absorbent, but neither is it so shiny and glossy that it’s crinkle paper.″


ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) - Testimonials for the candidates, speeches on their behalf and even some negative campaigning led to voting by 460 elementary school pupils here who joined youngsters statewide in choosing a state fish.

In an Election Day activity, pupils entered polling booths at Summerdale Elementary School to cast their ballots. The voting followed an unusual campaign in which students learned about adult politics.

″We talked about different kinds of campaign things like generalities, bandwagons, stacking the cards and name calling,″ said Barb Jaquet, a fourth- grade teacher and one of the directors of the school’s program.

Then, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade pupils decided which fish to support and prepared campaigns aimed at younger pupils using some of the tactics discussed.

″Ronald Reagan is going to vote for the channel catfish. You should too,″ said one sign.

″Be cool. Vote for channel catfish with the long slim body,″ said another.

″Your problems will be over if you vote for the catfish,″ said a third.

One pupil demonstrated negative campaigning by telling younger children, ″The blue gill is too blue. The white crappie’s too white. The largemouth bass has no class. And the coho is a Ho Ho,″ Mrs. Jaquet said.

″Carp is not sharp,″ one pupil’s sign said. ″Catfish is a fat fish,″ said another.

Principal Paul Zicker said the school tallied 128 votes for the channel catfish, 57 for the bluegill, 15 for the coho salmon, 28 for the largemouth bass 20 for the carp and 12 for the white crappie. There was also one vote for the goldfish, evidently a write-in candidate.

The statewide tally is expected sometime in December.

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