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Studio Town Returns To Glory

July 5, 2000

MARINELAND, Fla. (AP) _ This tiny coastal town, which began as a movie studio in the 1930s, is returning to its tinsel glory.

McGee Street Productions will film a made-for-TV love story in Marineland, sponsored by Hallmark Cards.

The film should air on CBS sometime in 2001, Hallmark spokeswoman Ellen Nesselrode said Tuesday. Filming is to begin in mid-August.

Filmmakers said they were looking for a remote location to recreate the look of 1960s Florida. Marineland is on an island in northeastern Florida.

The movie, based on the novel ``The Flamingo Rising″ by Larry Baker, is about a Romeo-and-Juliet-style romance between the son and daughter of rival businessmen.

The town got its start in the 1930s as the home of the Marine Studios. Filmmakers built an aquarium, which they called an ``oceanarium,″ so they could shoot underwater scenes.

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