Fight at GHS cafeteria caught on video

May 9, 2019

GREENWICH — A fight between cafeteria workers at Greenwich High School has been posted to social media sites, where it was drawing numerous viewers.

A few seconds of the altercation between two women at the high school Tuesday morning were captured on a cellphone. Footage apparently capturing several seconds of the incident was posted to Reddit, as is often the case with physical disputes taking place in school settings, where numerous recording devices are available to young people.

Two women were arrested and charged with assault following the incident.

Another person interceded and broke up the fight, according to Greenwich police. An ambulance was dispatched, but no one was transported to the hospital.

“A person broke up the fight. Minor injuries. An ambulance was called — they evaluated, not transported,” said police spokesman Lt. John Slusarz.

The school district spokeswoman, Kim Eves, sent a statement on the incident Thursday: “Employees that have been arrested are placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. We have no additional details at this time.”

The district sent out an email to the school community advising local residents about the fight.