Havasu Pioneers: Phyllis Wagner

March 19, 2019

Phyllis Wagner, her husband, and their three boys moved to Lake Havasu in April 1972. Although they arrived nearly a decade after Havasu was founded, the population was still much smaller than it is today. In fact, the amount of people living here has grown over seven times since Wagner’s arrival. She doesn’t mind Havasu’s growth, mostly because the shopping has gotten better, but what she can live without is how crowded the beaches and lake get during peak season. She says, “When we first moved here, we had a cove on the lake that we liked to go to but now it’s always busy.”

One of Wagner’s favorite things about moving from Iowa to Havasu is the weather. “I’m here all year round and love the sun every day!” When she isn’t enjoying the sunshine outdoors, Wagner sews, knits, reads books, and volunteers at the Lake Havasu Museum of History. “If you like to volunteer for things, Havasu has so many organizations for that,” Wagner says. “There are so many other things to do around here and it’s easy to get to places with not much traffic.”