Stadium could hurt future generations -- Richard Friday

November 30, 2018

The Edgewood stadium proposal should not be approved. I am speaking for the kids and grandchildren not yet born, as well as for the thousands of residents and visitors who will be impacted by this decision for years to come.

The Edgewood athletic field is not a municipal space like Breese Stevens Field. The schools on the Edgewood campus are wealthy, tax-exempt entities that already impact a central neighborhood and commuting corridor with noise and light pollution, as well as traffic and parking problems. This project will significantly increase those problems.

The Park and Pleasure Drive, Vilas and Wingra parks, the Vilas Zoo, Arboretum and Lake Wingra combine to provide green and quiet space and recreational opportunities for thousands of people as an oasis in the middle of urban chaos. They are jewels that need to be protected. As you know, once wetlands are filled, farms fields paved over, dams constructed, forests cut or highways built there is no going back.

The consequences, both good and bad, will persist for a long time. Vote for the future. Deny the project.

Richard Friday, Madison

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