Robbie Williams ‘wins legal tussle with Jimmy Page’

December 20, 2018

Robbie Williams has reportedly won a five-year legal battle with rock legend Jimmy Page over construction plans for his West London home.

The 44-year-old singer and Jimmy, 74, have been locked in a dispute for years over Robbie’s plans to build an underground swimming pool at his home in Kensington, with the rocker said to be fearful that the construction work could damage his own abode.

But now, councillors have unanimously granted planning permission for the construction project, saying the work “would not cause harm to the living conditions enjoyed by the neighbouring occupiers”.

Councillor Quentin Marshall said, according to The Sun newspaper: “It seems actually they are not that far apart if they could just talk about it and sort their diaries.”

Despite this, the planning permission remains subject to a legal agreement, and that must be approved by another committee in 2019.

Jimmy has also been granted permission to monitor vibration levels and ground movements during the construction works to ensure they do not exceed the acceptable limits.

Meanwhile, Robbie was recently named as the new face of Weight Watchers.

The ‘Let Me Entertain You’ singer has teamed up with the weight loss and fitness company - which has been re-branded as WW - to go on a “wellness journey” so he can get “fit and healthy”.

He said: “WW is the first program that truly feels like it fits with my life.

“After my back injury last year, I definitely let my healthy habits slip and I felt as though I let myself and my family down. I can’t keep trying the same things and hoping for a different outcome.

“I trust the history of behavior science that WW has, and I’m proud to be a new ambassador. Hopefully, others will benefit from my experience.”

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