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Husband Charged With Murder After Wife’s Body Found in Newspaper Building

April 28, 1988

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) _ A man who reported his wife missing five months ago was charged with murder Wednesday after her body was found encased in concrete at the newspaper building where they worked.

Theodore Sinks, a 49-year-old maintenance supervisor at Dayton Newspapers Inc., was jailed under $100,000 bail in the slaying of Judy Sinks.

Montgomery County Coroner James Davis said that Mrs. Sinks, 44, was strangled Nov. 19 and that she apparently also was beaten in the head. Her husband had reported her wife missing Nov. 24, police said.

City workers found her body Tuesday after using pick axes and sledge hammers to break up a concrete pedestal 2 feet high by 3 to 4 feet wide. It had been poured on the seventh floor of the Dayton Newspapers Inc. building in November to support a water purifying unit for an air conditioner.

″I believed from the first day the girl disappeared that she was dead,″ said Mrs. Sinks’ father, George Harmon, 70, of Falmouth, Ind. ″I’m glad it’s over. I kind of figured it would end this way.″

Douglas Franklin, Dayton Newspapers business manager, said police had a tip that a body might be hidden on the seventh floor of the building. Dayton Newspapers publishes the Dayton News and Dayton Journal Herald.

Police said an informant reported another newspaper employee, Kenneth Rice, who worked under Sinks, had helped Sinks take a 55-gallon drum to the seventh- floor utility room Nov. 20, according to Franklin.

Rice said Sinks asked him to help dispose of what Sinks said was a barrel of asbestos. Rice said they drove in a company truck to pick up the barrel from Sinks’ garage.

Sinks was a supervisor in the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning shop. Mrs. Sinks worked in the newspaper’s circulation department. They had been married about two years, members of her family said.