Inspectors find 9 liquor violations in Bridgeport Mexican restaurant

May 1, 2019

BRIDGEPORT - A local Mexican restaurant that provides food, alcohol and entertainment to patrons will serve a one-day liquor license suspension after state officials found several violations of liquor control laws, documents said.

The Rio Cafe, at 980 Railroad Ave., had a makeshift bar in the dining room which was considered too small for the restaurant, according to an inspection done by two state Liquor Control agents on Nov. 6.

The agents also found that there weren’t any sanitary supplies including toilet paper or soap in the bathroom, there was no sign posted with the permittee’s name and the establishment didn’t have two years worth of liquor invoices at the location, a report said.

The restaurant had set up a portable bar in the dining room, without seeking a permit change to make the entire space a bar, the agents said. The establishment also needed to have a minimum of 20 seats in the dining area, the report said.

The eatery bills itself on its Facebook page as providing fresh self-serve Mexican food and entertainment.

The manager removed the makeshift bar during the inspection, the agent said.

The eatery was also purchasing alcohol to be served to patrons from package stores, which is a violation of state liquor laws, and some of the bottles on display did not correspond with the few invoices that were kept at the location, the agents said.

The establishment also had no age statement forms which are used when patrons are suspected of being underage but are seeking to drink alcohol, the report said.

The restaurant racked up nine violations during the inspection, reports said.

As a result, the liquor license for the restaurant will be suspended for one day on May 6, state officials said.