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1990′s Top-Grossing Films and Their Oscars With PM-Oscars, Bjt

March 26, 1991

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Here are the top-grossing 1990 movies and the number of Academy Awards they received. Box-office totals are current through March 18, except for ″Home Alone,″ and ″Dances With Wolves,″ which have figures updated to Monday. Totals compiled by Exhibitor Relations Co.

1. ″Home Alone,″ $253.1 million, none.

2. ″Ghost,″ $216.1 million, two (supporting actress, original screenplay).

3. ″Pretty Woman,″ $178 million, none.

4. ″Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,″ $133 million, none.

5. ″Dances With Wolves,″ $136.3 million, seven (picture, director, film editing, cinematography, sound, original score, screenplay adaptation).

6. ″The Hunt for Red October,″ $121 million, one (sound effects editing).

7. ″Total Recall,″ $118 million, special achievement for special effects.

8. ″Die Hard 2,″ $115 million, none.

9. ″Dick Tracy,″ $103.7 million, three (art direction, makeup, original song).

10. ″Back to the Future Part III,″ $88 million, none.

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