Some SPI stores voluntarily ban bags

August 1, 2018

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — The plastic bag ban appears to be stuck in limbo on South Padre Island, but some stores are voluntarily not using plastic bags.

Ship Shape Island retail store and Blue Marlin Supermarket want to do what’s best for the environment, and are volunteering not to use plastic bags in their stores.

The stores made the decision even though buying paper bags costs more than plastic bags.

“A plastic bag costs about three cents, and a paper bag costs about 12 cents,” Blue Marlin Supermarket owner Gary Meschi said.

“It’s certainly better for the environment,” Meschi said. “I know it costs my company more, but at the same time, I’m doing whatever it takes to save the sea turtles and a lot of other marine life.”

Ship Shape owner Liz Money said her store has paper bags, but still “tries very hard not to use bags at all.” She’s noticed that a lot of people bring their own bags.

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