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December 5, 2018


NEW YORK (AP) — People who watched “The Daily Show” last night got to hear host Trevor Noah’s monologue. They just didn’t hear his voice doing it. The comedian was on the show — but was silent throughout the entire broadcast of the Comedy Central show. Subbing their voices for him were comedian Michael Kosta and Roy Wood, Jr. Kosta opened the show after Noah came on stage and sat beside him. He explained that Noah has lost his voice and his doctor warned him not to speak — lest he risk needing surgery to repair his vocal cords. Kosta went on to do the opening monologue — but pretended to beg off when the subject turned to racial issues. He then handed off to Wood, who took his place beside Noah and handled that part of the opening segment. It is unclear how long Noah will be unable to speak — or how the show will handle his inability to speak on future shows.



041734-w-334:80-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor with theme, audio from “The Daily Show”)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Trevor Noah’s voice gone, Kosta, Wood Jr. sub theirs. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041734 (12/05/18)££ 334:80 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

041731-a-141:84-(Michael Kosta, Comedy Central comedian, reading Trevor Noah’s monologue)-“voice for today”-Trevor Noah’s voice gone, Kosta, Wood Jr. sub theirs. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041731 (12/05/18)££ 141:84 “voice for today”

041733-a-220:08-(Michael Kosta, Comedy Central comedian, reading Trevor Noah’s monologue)-“to say jihabanga!”-Trevor Noah’s voice gone, Kosta, Wood Jr. sub theirs. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041733 (12/05/18)££ 220:08 “to say jihabanga!”

041732-a-148:08-(Michael Kosta, Comedy Central comedian, reading Trevor Noah’s monologue)-“leaves his lips”-Trevor Noah’s voice gone, Kosta, Wood Jr. sub theirs. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041732 (12/05/18)££ 148:08 “leaves his lips”

041730-r-177:84-(Introduction to last night’s edition of “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”)-“music fades”-Trevor Noah’s voice gone, Kosta, Wood Jr. sub theirs. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041730 (12/05/18)££ 177:84 “music fades”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Yesterday, a show biz trade publication posted a piece that said hosting the Oscars was “the least wanted job in Hollywood.” Let’s just say it’s apparent that Kevin Hart didn’t read that article. Shortly after The Hollywood Reporter article hit the internet, Kevin Hart was on Instagram, ecstatic that he had been named the host of the next Academy Awards show. Hart says doing the show is a lifelong dream for him — and said his mom would be thrilled for him. Hart is 39 and joins comedians like Jimmy Kimmel and Chris Rock as recent hosts of the show, which has struggled to remain a draw for TV audiences in recent years. Last year’s ceremony posted an all-time ratings low, prompting a series of changes for next year’s event, set for Feb. 24 and airing on ABC.



041707-w-366:96-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Kevin Hart tabbed to be next Oscars host. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041707 (12/05/18)££ 366:96 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

041708-v-290:64-(Kevin Hart tabbed to be next Oscars host)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Kevin Hart tabbed to be next Oscars host. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041708 (12/05/18)££ 290:64 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

041709-c-168:72-(Kevin Hart tabbed to be next Oscars host)-“air on ABC”-Kevin Hart tabbed to be next Oscars host. (5 Dec 2018)

<<CUT *041709 (12/05/18)££ 168:72 “air on ABC”


UNDATED (AP) — Looks like Les Moonves may be in more trouble with his former bosses at CBS. The New York Times reports the network’s attorneys have turned up more claims of sexual misconduct against Moonves, who quit in September after the allegations surfaced. The lawyers were hired by CBS to determine whether Moonves violated terms of his employment. And their report concludes Moonves destroyed evidence and misled investigators as he tried to protect his reputation — and his severance. The 59-page report will be shared with the network’s board before the company’s annual meeting next week. If the board agrees with the attorneys’ report, Moonves could be denied his $120 million severance package.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lena Dunham is apologizing to actress Aurora Perrineau for defending a writer Perrineau accused of sexual misconduct. Writing Wednesday in The Hollywood Reporter , Dunham says she “did something inexcusable” in supporting producer and writer Murray Miller. Dunham says she didn’t have the “insider information” that she claimed and was acting on “blind faith.” She says she wanted to feel her workplace was safe. Miller worked on Dunham’s “Girls” series. She tells Perrineau, “I believe you, Aurora.” Dunham praised the 24-year-old actress and model’s “bravery, openness, forgiveness, dignity and grace.” In 2017, Perrineau accused Miller of sexually assaulting her when she was 17 years old. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges in August. Miller has denied what he calls the “outrageous” allegations against him.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Cardi B is no longer feeling the love after little more than a year of marriage to fellow rapper Offset. She posted a video on Instagram saying that “things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time.” The 26-year-old says “I guess we just grew out of love, but we’re not together anymore.” Cardi B says “it might take time to get a divorce.” Offset responded “Y’all won.” The couple got married in September 2017 and welcomed a baby girl in July. Cardi B says she and her baby’s father are really good friends and business partners. An email seeking comment was sent to her representatives. Cardi B is scheduled to appear in court Friday over allegations stemming from an altercation at a New York City bar.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — What price, friendship? When it comes to Netflix and the TV show “Friends” — it’s steep, and apparently worth it for the streaming service. Netflix says it will continue to stream the former NBC sitcom. The reported price to keep the show on Netflix until 2019 is $100 million. That’s three time higher than the $30 million a year Netflix has been paying for the series — with the price being bumped up as competition among streaming services becomes more fierce.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — You may have heard the story recently about how a donkey and emu had developed a bond so close, workers at an animal rescue group were reluctant to separate them. Now, that friendship can continue, thanks to Jeffrey Dean Morgan of “The Walking Dead.” The Charlotte Observer reports that Morgan is adopting both the animals. The donkey and emu were rescued from South Carolina after their owner left. They cuddle and sleep together — and became frantic when they were separated. Morgan heard about the problems of finding a home to take both animals — and stepped up to adopt them himself. The rescue group says Morgan was the best choice because he has both the resources and space on his New York State farm to care for the two animals.


LUMBERTON, N.C. (AP) — One of two men serving a life sentence for the 1993 murder of Michael Jordan’s father is trying to convince a court that he didn’t do it. Daniel Green is presenting his argument before a judge in Sanford, North Carolina today. Green says while he helped dump James Jordan’s body, he didn’t kill him. He was convicted of first-degree murder and two state courts have upheld the conviction. The defense and prosecution must agree that Green deserves an evidentiary hearing that could lead to a new trial. Green’s legal team says several people say they saw Green at a family cookout at the time Jordan was killed.


NEW YORK (AP) — It used to be a pretty big deal as a TV event: the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. But now it appears it has fallen out of fashion. Nielsen reports that the show, which aired Sunday, drew an audience of 3.27 million viewers. That’s the smallest draw since it first became a holiday-season event in 2001. Before the ratings decline came a raft of bad publicity. Recently, the company’s head of marketing said he wouldn’t include transgender or plus-sized models because Victoria’s Secret was selling a fantasy. The company later apologized, but no doubt is even sorrier now, as the audience for the show continues to decline.

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