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Kodak, Fuji To Introduce Throw-Away Cameras

February 19, 1987

Undated (AP) _ Eastman Kodak Co. and Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd., the world’s two biggest photographic film makers, announced Thursday they would sell cheap cameras that are used to shoot just one roll of film.

Kodak’s Fling will cost $6.95 and use 110 film, the kind used in instamatic cameras. Fuji’s camera will cost less than $10 and use 35-millimeter film, the kind used in more sophisticated cameras.

Japan’s Fuji said its camera will be available this spring. Kodak’s will be available later in the year. Fuji had a news conference set for Friday to announce its product, but Kodak slid in ahead of it with an announcement Thursday.

″When a customer finishes shooting the roll of film, he returns the entire unit to the photo finisher, but he doesn’t get the camera back because it’s a disposable camera,″ said Kodak spokesman Henry Kaska. The Kodak Fling is a film cartridge in an inexpensive housing with a lens, a simple shutter, and a manual film advance, Kaska said.

The camera is designed for taking pictures outdoors in daylight, he said, and isn’t for indoor photography.

″We expect it to have appeal to young people and to travelers who left their cameras at home,″ Kaska said. ″We don’t consider it a substitute for traditional cameras.″

Fuji introduced a disposable camera for 110 film in Japan last year.

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