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Report: Plane Landed on Wrong Runway at Boston Airport

December 22, 1990

BOSTON (AP) _ A wide-bodied passenger jet landed on the wrong runway at Logan Airport in July, but the Federal Aviation Administration had no record of the mistake, a newspaper reported today.

FAA officials have records of only seven of 20 ″runway incursions″ at Logan reported to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration during the first eight months of the year, according to The Boston Globe.

Barry Bermingham, FAA special projects manager for the New England region, said an ″exhaustive search″ is under way to determine why the agency was not aware of the July incident.

He said it was possible the controller who handled the flight decided the landing error did not create a safety hazard so no report was filed.

The incident was reported by the flight crew of the unidentified commercial airliner to NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System. NASA gives those who file reports anonymity and immunity from penalties for possible wrongdoing.

The system is designed to create a large data base of potential safety problems so aviation officials can correct problems.

The report states the plane was cleared to land at Logan in cloudy weather with visibility of 15 miles.

The pilot was using computers and an automatic pilot to approach the designated runway. But he landed the plane manually because the computer did not capture the glide slope, which is needed for an instrument landing.

The pilot said he had no idea he had landed on the wrong runway until afterward. No one was injured.

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