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July 1, 1990

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Actress-singer Pia Zadora and her millionaire husband, Meshulam Riklis, have sold their $4.7 million home here, but they won’t be hurting for a place to live.

The five-bedroom, 6 1/2 -bath house, once owned by jockey Willie Shoemaker, sits on a one-acre piece of property and contains 6,370 square feet.

Miss Zadora and Riklis sold it to an unnamed Italian industrialist for $4.7 million, according to Sunday’s Los Angeles Times.

She and her husband own the site of the legendary Pickfair mansion, where silent film stars Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Sr. reigned as Hollywood royalty during the 1920s. That mansion has largely been razed to make way for a new home, which will incorporate the fragments of Pickfair that are still standing.

Riklis and Miss Zadora also own another house in the Beverly Park section of Beverly Hills and homes in Malibu and New York City.

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RADNOR, Pa. (AP) - Television producers say Warren Beatty is losing some of his mystique as he heavily promotes his role in the movie ″Dick Tracy.″

″I would imagine the we-got-to-have-him attitude is somewhat diminished,″ Jack Riley, executive producer of ABC’s ″Good Morning America,″ said in the July 7 issue of TV Guide.

″But actually, now that he’s gotten into it, he’s a far better interview than he has been,″ he said.

Beatty had stonewalled seasoned interviewer Barbara Walters early on and producers were wary of the once elusive star.

″Donahue″ senior producer Lorri Benson said she was ″pleasantly surprised″ by Beatty’s openness when he appeared on the syndicated show. There were no preconditions and no taboo subjects, and Beatty spontaneously agreed to appear on the show a second time, she said.

Riley also was leery of scheduling a Beatty interview. He had previously dealt with the star when he was touting his mega-bomb ″Ishtar.″ Beatty taped a segment for ″Good Morning America,″ but later made so many demands that the producers ″dumped the whole thing,″ Riley said.

The only constraint in the interview for ″Dick Tracy″ was that 11-year- old co-star Charlie Korsmo be on with him.


TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - Former pop singer Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, was barred from entering the country on Sunday by passport officials.

Airport officials said Islam, who took his name after converting to the Moslem faith, was turned away as ″an undesirable″ along with his 8-year-old son, Mohammed, after their British Airways jet landed about 4 a.m.

They were met on arrival by passport officials and held at the airport for about four hours until the flight returned to London, officials said.

One official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Islam and his son accepted the decision quietly. The passport agents were acting on instructions from the Interior Ministry, he said.

Islam, a British citizen born Stephen Demetri Georgiou, gave up his singing career a decade ago after his religious conversion. He had a string of hits in the early 1970s, including ″Peace Train″ and ″Morning Has Broken.″

He has been in the headlines recently for supporting the death sentence issued by Iran against author Salman Rushdie.


CIRENCESTER, England (AP) - Prince Charles left the hospital Sunday with his right arm in a cast and sling after breaking it during a polo match.

″You can all go home at last,″ he told reporters and photographers who had staked out the hospital entry since Thursday, when the heir to the British throne suffered two fractures in his right arm.

Princess Diana, celebrating her 29th birthday, was by Charles’ side as he thanked doctors and nurses at Cirencester Hospital.

″There is still some pain but the swelling is going down in the shoulder and the right arm. He is in good spirits,″ said the prince’s spokesman, Dickie Arbiter.

The 41-year-old prince, an avid polo player for 25 years, underwent a 45- minute operation to set the two breaks above the elbow of his right arm.

Charles was riding his pony, Echo, and playing for his team, Windsor Park, in the semifinal of the Warwickshire Cup against Hildon when he fell. Hildon won the match.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Attorney Fred Thompson was in court and had to miss the opening of ″Days of Thunder″ to see his performance as an auto racing magnate.

Thompson also may be too busy this week to see the premier of ″Die Hard 2: Die Harder,″ in which he plays an embattled air traffic controller.

Thompson, who makes a hobby of playing no-nonsense characters, was trying to settle a civil matter in Dallas and New Orleans when ″Days of Thunder, starring Tom Cruise, opened.

The attorney’s specialty is defending people accused of white collar crimes. He has offices in Nashville and Washington.

Thompson first received national attention when he was appointed counsel to the Republican minority in the Watergate hearings.

He says his acting offers is his own form of entertainment.

″It’s a lot of fun,″ said Thompson. ″Some lawyers take sabbaticals, or they devote themselves to intensive hobbies. My ‘golf’ is acting.″

Thompson also played the head of the CIA in ″No Way Out.″

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