Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November 28, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the worker at store on the south side. When I called to see if you were still open, you answered my question very rude! No customer service at all. Rude, rude, rude!

Orchids to the onions, they make my day. The person sleeping in the Walmart parking lot who complained about noise....great. That can’t be real, but very funny. Life is great when all you can complain about is very trivial.

Orchids to the doctors, nurses, techs, and staff on the second floor at HRMC. They were very professional and had a delightful sense of humor that made pre-op and post-op a lot less stressful for someone going into surgery. Thanks guys.

Onions to the onion about 4-way stops. The driver who stops 1st is the next person to go through. The only time the person on the right has right of way is when two vehicles stop at the exact same time. Maybe the person you encountered was indicating your IQ.

Onions to onions given to the litterer on Thanksgiving Day. Please keep your racist opinions to yourself. Firstly, I don’t believe you have the skills or intelligence to conduct a DNA test to determine the person was a Mohican/Blackfoot and demeaned people that saved our forefathers from starvation.

Onions to whoever “decided” this street needed a median rather than widening the lanes. Yes, a simple curb down the middle would have sufficed to keep drivers from making left illegal turns. Also, snowbirds don’t know what a 4-way stop is, obviously.

Onions to the onion giver, it’s not about woman with short hair or Floyd of Mayberry. It’s “you” living in the past, things and styles have changed. You should now be watching Chicago PD or the new SWAT. Andy, Barney, Goober, and Floyd are all dead...

Orchids to all the people who volunteer their time and energy to help keep our city clean and free of junk that clutters our streets…We must all work together…

Onions to the person giving onions to person sleeping in Walmart parking lot. You don’t know that person’s background maybe they don’t have a place to live like you and your high horse values! If you’re so worried about it help them out! If it’s a travel trailer, Walmart extends itself to allow campers to do that! Why does this hurt your way of life? Oh that’s right you’re a privileged snobby person who judges!

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