Plumber: Wading pool sinks well-suited for powder rooms

November 17, 2018

Question: Dear Ed: We plan to remodel our powder room and originally wanted to install a vessel shape bathroom sink. But lately I’ve heard about wading pool sinks. What are the differences between a vessel and a wading pool bathroom sink?

- Ty, Utah

Answer: First let’s discuss the main difference between a standard bathroom sink and a vessel bathroom sink.

Most bathroom sinks are installed in-counter or under-mounted. A vessel sink is top-mounted and looks like a deep bowl sitting on the vanity counter.

Wading pool sinks are also top-mounted, but they have a wide flat bottom with low sides. They look more like a shallow basin rather than a bowl. That’s why it’s called a wading pool-shaped sink.

Wading pool sinks are well-suited for powder rooms since hand washing is usually the main use over filling a sink bowl with water.

Even though they’re shallow, wading pool sinks are attractive and can deeply impress your guests.

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