Fur trade history is topic of Sunday Afternoon at the Rock

February 23, 2019

BAYARD — Afternoon at the Rock Talk for Feb. 24 from 1:30-2:30 p.m., at Chimney Rock is “Fur Trade History of the North Platte River Valley” by Cody Assmann.

Assmann will talk about the travelers that preceded the emigrants on the Overland trails. These were the explorers: the mountain men. These men used the shallow Platte River as their transportation source to move into the mountains and out to sell their pelts. Assmann will discuss not only mountain men and their history, but how geography determined the routes for them.

While the North Platte River valley was used as a travel corridor for the Oregon Trail, it was also a travel route for many others throughout history as well. One group that relied heavily on the shallow waters of the North Platte River were the mountain men.

Assmann currently teaches social studies to high school students in Oshkosh. He’s also involved in living history projects. He’s authored articles in the American Frontiersman and other outdoor magazines across the country.

Admission is Free to the Visitor Center for this speaker’s presentation.