Voter ID bill expected to be brought up again in legislative session

January 10, 2019

LINCOLN - With the long 90-day legislative session beginning Wednesday Governor Pete Ricketts expects voter ID to be brought up again during it.

During Ricketts’ radio call in show Monday, he talked about how voter ID was brought up by Senator John Murante last year but stalled on the floor of the legislature due to a filibuster.

Ricketts said he supports Voter ID and hopes another senator will bring it up this year since Murante isn’t a senator this year.

“I think voter ID is a good idea. Obviously you have to make sure you’re not disenfranchising anybody, but other states have figured out how to do it. I think we can figure out a way to do it here as well.”

If a voter ID law got passed it would require you to provide some form of official identification before you can register to vote or receive a ballot for an election.

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