SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ A New South Wales state parliament committee will open an inquiry Tuesday into the latest government funding boost for Sydney 2000 Olympic organizers.

Inquiry members will interview Michael Knight, the Olympics minister and president of the organizing committee, plus other key organizing committee staff and treasury department officers during two days of investigations.

The committee is expected to report its findings to parliament by Aug. 29, less than three weeks before the Sept. 15 Olympics opening ceremony.

The New South Wales government, underwriters of the games, was accused of rushing the $84 million funding grant through parliament last month.

State treasurer Michael Egan announced the bailout package just days after releasing a state budget claiming that the Olympics had been completely paid for.

Of the $140 million, allocated from a state budget surplus, half was directed to cover the escalating costs of hosting the games and the rest was reserved for unspecified contingencies.