Orchids and Onions: Saturday, August 11, 2018

August 11, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Julie and Emily representing the Humane Society retail store Wags to Riches. The girls showed outstanding perseverance while removing a heavy sofa-bed from a second-story condo. Their unwavering pleasant demeanor and positivism are an asset to their success.

Onions to the food server for not offering to put my leftovers in a box. It may not seem like a big deal, but to a senior with arthritic fingers, this means a lot. It amounts to having a second meal or leaving such on the table.

Onions to the city for allowing political signs to stay up on various railings that are around the city streets. What’s next, stop signs and street posts?

Orchids to Affordable Lawn Care for removing a palm tree. They cleaned up after and it looked like it had never been there.

Orchids to Republic Waste for approval of my containers placed up my steep driveway and put alongside my house since I cannot go down to the street. Service driver, Jay, was very understanding and accommodating. Orchids to him also. This helps me so much. J.

Orchids to those who removed the shrubs after the fire off of Mulberry. Please don’t let it grow back. It is so nice to see the lake again. Donna

Orchids to Smith’s. You have great employees, especially Isabelle and Darrell, who were so much help to me when I needed it. All of you were very much appreciated. Donna

Onions to the shop that sells popcorn; sometimes, that is. Been there four times and no popcorn, so no sandwich and no soda to go with the popcorn. Won’t be back, either.

Onions to homeowners who don’t take care of their yards. Quit being lazy and get out there and pull your weeds and trim your trees.

Orchids to Greg and his crew at Rodgers Tile and Flooring. Went above and beyond on the job. Excellent quality and work. Laura

Orchids to the very kind lady at Goodwill who had an American girl doll in her cart and saw my 4 year old daughter and offered the doll to us to buy. That was so nice of you to give up such a great find! My daughter adores her! You made my day.

Orchids to Ashley, Kimberly, Kathy, Kady D., Dr. Van, Dr. Aquino, Whitney, Raymond, Uyng, Lori, Fiena, and post op nurses. Great job! B and J

Orchids to Maryanne at Hobby Lobby. Always a friendly smile, such a pleasure when checking out, and so knowledgeable about yarns and other products. Hobby Lobby is lucky to have her.

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