Avoid that Dreaded Holiday Weight Gain

December 18, 2018

Between multiple parties, and a seemingly endless supply of baked treats left at the office by co-workers, it’s difficult to get through the holiday season in the same shape you started it.

However, nutritionist and health writer Jessica Sepel tells ABC News that it’s possible to indulge in delicious Christmas-time treats without gaining those extra pounds -- as long as you follow these simple tips:

- Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods, but practice “moderation”

“When we deprive ourselves of food, it often backfires,” she said. “We want to give ourselves permission to try all of the holiday treats...You want to balance with the healthier options, but don’t deprive yourself.”

- Never arrive at a holiday event hungry

While some people will “fast all day long” because they know they have a big Christmas dinner coming up, Sepel said this tactic often results in you overindulging or overeating when it comes to dinner time.

“I say eat balanced meals throughout the day and especially have a healthy, protein-rich snack in the afternoon,” Sepel said. “You will find that you can really control your portion sizes and control by doing that.”

- Watch what you drink

Sepel also acknowledged that alcohol can be a big contributor to holiday weight gain, and while she says she recommends “absolutely” allowing yourself to drink, try to “go for the sugar-free version of cocktails, in moderation.”

“My personal stopping at one to three drinks at a sitting, and then sipping the alcohol slowly,” she said. “So many of us drink so fast, it’s really nice to slow down and sip alcohol slowly.”

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