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Angry Farmers Throw Artichokes Over Highway in Protest With AM-Nuclear Disaster, Bjt

May 6, 1986

FOGGIA, Italy (AP) _ More than 300 farmers protesting the government ban on the sale of leafy vegetables hurled thousands of cases of artichokes onto highways, blocking traffic outside this southern Italian city for nearly three hours, police reported.

The Health Ministry Friday banned the sale of leafy vegetables for 15 days for fear of possible radiation contamination following the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the Soviet Union.

Police said about 300 artichoke producers and farmhands blocked two roads leading to Foggia before marching to the city hall for a meeting with Mayor Arcangelo Sannicandro.

In Rome, the National Consumers’ Union demanded that the decree be revoked. The group claimed the level of radioactivity in the banned products does not pose any health hazard.

The Health Ministry decree said pregnant women and children under 10 should not drink fresh milk. It also barred a variety of products from northern and eastern Europe.

Shipments of 150 Polish oxen and 650 Hungarian sheep were stopped at the Yugoslav border Tuesday, customs officials said.

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