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$15,000 Stashed In Freezers Nearly Tossed Out

July 19, 1988

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. (AP) _ It was cash, cold and hard, and it nearly got tossed out in the trash - all $15,122 of it.

The money has been stashed in three freezers, wrapped in white butcher paper packages labeled ″cold compresses,″ by a woman who died in May.

A volunteer for the Salvation Army found the money, mostly in $20, $50 and $100 bills, while sorting through the contents of the freezers which had been donated by the woman’s family.

″We had thrown them over on the floor because we couldn’t use them,″ said Salvation Army Capt. Charles McCarty said of the ″cold compress″ packages. ″That money could have very easily been thrown in the trash can.″

The cash had been stored among the frozen food by Sarah Bonar, who died in May at the age of 77, and her husband, Lyle. Relatives had earlier discovered about $400 in an envelope when an ice cube tray was removed.

″She had money in three banks and four savings and loans,″ said Joyce Bonar, a stepdaughter-in-law. ″So why she would go off and put some in the freezer I don’t know.″

The freezer money was turned in to police, who eventually traced it back to the Bonar family.

″We plan to give a reward to the person who found the money,″ Joyce Bonar said, ″and make a contribution to the Salvation Army.″

The balance will go to Mrs. Bonar’s husband, who now lives with relatives.

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