Home invader given 9-year prison sentence

March 11, 2019

KINGMAN — A young father leaves four children behind as he goes to the Arizona Department of Corrections for his involvement in home invasion robbery and drive-by shooting incidents just five days apart in Kingman.

“His children are going to suffer for his actions,” defense attorney Gerald Gavin said at Friday’s sentencing hearing for Corey Thomas, 26.

Thomas is one of three armed suspects who forced their way into a home on Comanche Drive on Oct. 2 last year. No one was hurt, though occupants of the home were threatened at gunpoint as the robbers demanded money and cell phones before fleeing the residence with a safe.

The Kirkland, Arizona man was convicted of armed robbery for the home invasion. He also pleaded guilty to drive-by shooting for an Oct. 7 incident.

His mother, sister and wife expressed support and asked for leniency for Thomas, whose four children are each under the age of 5. Thomas apologized for his conduct and said he wants to do his time and return home to his family.

“This is the biggest eye opener of my life,” Thomas told Mohave County Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle. The judge ordered a nine-year prison term, followed by four years probation.