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Astrologers Check Reagan’s Future With Reagan-Astrology Bjt

May 3, 1988

Undated (AP) _ Here’s what three astrologers told The Associated Press they see in President Reagan’s future:


(Syndicated astrology columnist from California who said she has consulted with Nancy Reagan.)

″I’m rather concerned about the economy starting out around the 31st of May. I do think the economy is not going to go well. I think the fact that we’re in an election year is not going to be particularly significant. And I do feel that Reagan is in a precarious position as far as health right now.″

OSTARO, The Hindu Astrologer

(Host of the ″Ostaro Show″ on Manhattan Cable Channel D, and publisher of ″Astral News,″ guest on ″Late Night with David Letterman″ and proprietor of A-One Astrology by Ostaro in New York City.)

″From June 1988 through mid-November, Reagan’s health will be quite good. August will be a mixed month in which some political blunders and failure of plans are possible. September will be quite a good month with political successes indicated.

″May and October 1988 will be most important - very vital decisions regarding personal matters and certain matters of very great importance concerning a Far Eastern Power (China and also Russia). The consequences of whatever is undertaken during these two months will be far-reaching.

″Mr. Reagan has reached the climax of his life. From December, his knees and legs will start to bother him. Some accidents to his feet and knees are not ruled out.″


(President of the 150-member Astrologers Association in San Diego.)

″The rest of his administration will go just fine.″

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