Storm on edge of winter, spring to bring mixed bag of rain, snow, etc.

March 7, 2019

It’s appropriate that a storm heading this way this weekend would have everything from snow to rain to deal with, since we are edging out of winter into spring in Wisconsin.

The National Weather Service is looking at a Saturday starting out with snow, then freezing rain, then rain, then fog, then back to rain and snow, then snow, and finally back to rain and snow on Sunday.

Snow won’t be too much of a problem but we could get an inch of rain, which would set the stage for localized flooding.

The mixed precipitation comes in with the warmest weather in weeks.

The day-to-day outlook for the Madison area:

Wednesday night: A chance of flurries before 7 p.m., low around 3.Thursday: Partly sunny, high near 23.Thursday night: A 30 percent chance of snow showers, low around 14.Friday: A 30 percent chance of snow before 7 a.m., high near 34.Friday night: Mostly cloudy, low around 22.Saturday: A 90 percent chance of precipitation, including a slight chance of snow before 9 a.m., a slight chance of freezing rain between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., then rain after 11 a.m. and patchy fog after 4 p.m., high near 40. Winds gusting up to 30 mph. New precipitation up to a half-inch is possible.Saturday night: A 100 percent chance of rain before midnight, then rain and snow between midnight and 3 a.m., then a chance of snow after 3 a.m. and patchy fog before 4 a.m., low around 30. Winds gusting up to 30 mph.Sunday: A 50 percent chance of snow, mixing with rain after 11 a.m., gradually ending, high near 36.Sunday night: Mostly cloudy, low around 22.Monday: Partly sunny, high near 35.Monday night: Partly cloudy, low around 18.Tuesday: Mostly sunny, high near 37.