M. Velasquez: Have a heart when it comes to immigration

August 11, 2018


My blood boils when I watch TV, read magazines, newspapers, social media, and the brilliant immigration policies of the heartless President Trump. Separating families taking away their young children, what an awful and unhuman thing to do. Toddlers and babies in cages, they are not animals. It can break anybody’s heart. Is this a punishment for their parents? A woman was breastfeeding whom her baby was taking away; it’s the policy of an evil man we have as a president. His supporters would say: he is just doing his job, but it’s in his own mean way. Sounds like a dictatorship.

The first Lady went to visit athe border detention centers for migrant children, but she didn’t do or say much. On her first trip wore a jacket that read: “I really don’t care, do u?” She has a pretty face, but a brain?

My message to the president: Treat people with respect no matter where they come from, they have a heart, feelings, and dignity. Reunite those families soon. Not all the immigrants are criminals.

M. Velasquez

Lake Havasu City

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