Library has resources to help make gatherings successful

November 25, 2018

During the holiday season, families and friends often gather for meals, exchanging gifts, or simply spending time together. Whether you are hosting, helping to plan, or simply attending a get-together, the Columbus Public Library has a variety of resources to help make it a success.

Use our online resources via a web browser or app for all aspects of your holiday experience. Research holiday traditions celebrated in countries around the world with AtoZ the World, stream a holiday music playlist on Freegal Music or create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Find holiday e-books for all ages on Overdrive, Freading, RB Digital Books, or Cloud Library, or use the same apps to download an audiobook for the family to listen to on those long holiday drives. RB Digital Magazines has many magazines that could help you prepare for holiday gatherings or entertain your guests during their stay. From recipes to gift ideas, crafts to make with your guests, or current events to discuss – with over 180 magazines in the collection, you’re sure to find one of interest.

Access these resources and more with your Columbus Public Library card by going to our website, www.columbusne.us/library and clicking the Digital Library link.

If you plan to unplug from your electronics or simply prefer physical materials, we also offer audiobooks on CD, magazines, DVDs, and of course books that you can check out.

Giving the reader a feeling of an old timey Christmas, “The Christmas Almanac,” edited by Natasha Tabori Fried and Lena Tabori, contains stories, poetry, songs, craft ideas, facts and legends all about Christmas. “The Christmas Almanac” is organized by aspects of the Christmas holiday, with each containing the subjects mentioned above. “Deck The Halls,” for example, contains stories, poetry, songs, crafts, facts & legends, and shopping information related to trees, trimming, and tinsel.

With the added number of guests visiting your home, this time of year is perfect for checking out “coffee table” or “oversized” books. You could also bring them along as you travel to someone else’s home for a holiday stay. Oversized books offer excellent illustrations and interesting information that can be enjoyed during brief spurts of time and without reading the entire book. This entertainment option is especially helpful for those visits to distant relatives or your new in-laws, with whom you may not yet have formed close relationships. They can be used to start conversations about a variety of new and neutral subjects, depending on the book you choose. The Columbus Public Library has oversized books about sports, history, music, movies & television shows, art, fashion, travel, and more.

Try an oversized book that celebrates our state, like “Nebraska: 150 years told through 93 counties” by David Hendee. It contains a page spread of photos and facts for each county in Nebraska. “Nebraska Simply Beautiful,” by Mike Whye, compiles photographs that span the seasons across our state.

“Norell: Master of American Fashion” by Jeffrey Banks and Doria de la Chapelle, “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams,” with photographs by Nicholas Alan Cope, and “”Fashion 150,” edited by Arianna Piazza, are three oversized fashion books that will appeal to more than just the fashion enthusiast. Interspersed among gorgeous photos, the text provides insight regarding designers as well as the history and progression of the fashion industry.

These are just a few of the oversized books available for you to check out from the Columbus Public Library, so stop by to search or browse oversized books that would be perfect for your next holiday gathering.

Karen Connell is a reference librarian at Columbus Public Library.

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