River Run still bringing bikers to Laughlin

May 1, 2019

LAUGHLIN — The 37th annual River Run has come and gone, bringing in thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts to take part in the hobby they love.

But why do they ride?

Well, for some, like Veronica De La Cerda and company, they take one trip annually. This year, they decided to take on the River Run.

“We came out for the rally and to have fun in a new place,” De La Cerda said. “Last year, we went to Mazatlan, Mexico, and we were going to go back but we decided against it. The United States is beautiful and we wanted to learn about what it has to offer, and here we are.”

The group consists of 11 riders who live all over Texas and New Mexico. They all trailered their motorcycles to Williams, Arizona, where they all meet up to start the planned road trip.

From Williams, they rode to the Grand Canyon, spent a night in Las Vegas, the checked out Hoover Dam before heading down to Laughlin for the run last Thursday.

“We are from all over the place, and we get together once a year to travel together,” De La Cerda said. “In the end, we are all family.”

While in the Tri-state, they said they were going to see all the River Run had to offer and maybe check out Oatman. The group headed back home on Sunday.

For others like Bob Fritzler, the River Run was the first time he has gotten on a bike in two years. The Michigan native recently went through back surgery and was told he couldn’t ride until fully recovered.

“After two years ... it feels beautiful,” Fritzler said. “There is nothing better. I am going to do some of this weekend (River Run) stuff and then I am going to take a ride over to Las Vegas, visit some relatives, and maybe catch a show or something.”

Fritzler will be in the Tri-state for another month as he is staying in his RV in Mohave Valley until after Mothers Day, when he’ll head back to Michigan.

“I’ll get some good riding after the rally is over and get some good miles in,” he said.

On average, Fritzler said he would get in between 10,000 and 15,000 miles a year on his motorcycle — until the last two years. He said he has been an avid rider since 1972.

This was his first time at the River Run and he said he always wanted to come out. His first impressions were how nice the weather was to get the wheels out and enjoy the sun.

Unlike Fritzler and De La Cerda, Larry Renner was in his sixth year of coming to the River Run.

“This will be my sixth year coming down to the River Run,” Renner said. “I use to come up from San Diego but moved to Pahrump, Nevada, and retired.”

He said he rode down from Pahrump with two other guys last Thursday, as they were the only ones able to get the midweek off. However, the total group is about seven or eight riders. The whole group is a part of the Sergeant in Arms Pahrump VFW riders group.

Renner noted they are not associated directly with the post in Pahrump and are statewide riders.

“Its nice group and organization to be with,” he said.

On the way down, one of the guys picked up a brand new Harley-Davidson breakout at Red Rock Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas to add more excitement to the trip.

For Renner, was content just enjoying the festivities and hanging out with his crew.