Harmony House dedicates SERAH solar panel system

September 23, 2018

The Herald-Dispatch HUNTINGTON — T he Harmony House dedicated its new solar panel system during a ceremony Friday at the Vanity Fair Courtyard on 4th Avenue in Huntington.

The ceremony included a history of the Vanity Fair Courtyard and Harmony House facilities, which date back to 1915. The buildings were used by Marshall basketball, the Chamber of Commerce, retail stores, restaurants, radio and television stations, as a World War II enlistment site, and for concerts, wrestling tournaments and dance competitions.

Harmony House dubbed its solar panel system SERAH, which stands for Solar Energy for Reducing Area Homelessness. The system was installed in collaboration with Solar Holler and Coalfield Development Corporation.

The project is expected to save Harmony House as much as $130,000 in electricity costs over 25 years.

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