President Trump On Residents’ Minds At Polls

November 7, 2018

In the 2016 election, Luzerne County voters were credited with helping Republican Donald Trump win the presidency as he routed Hillary Clinton here despite the county’s history of siding with Democrats. How do voters feel about him now? The Citizens’ Voice visited polling locations around the county on Tuesday, making stops in Nanticoke, Shickshinny, Kingston Twp., Pittston, Wilkes-Barre City and Wright Twp. Dozens of people were randomly approached and 26 agreed to be interviewed. The thoughts of all who agreed to be interviewed follow below. Nanticoke • “I think he doing a very good job. I like his style. He tells it like it is.” — Gerald Setta, 78 • “For the most part he is doing more for our economy and the American people.” — Jessica Butler, 42 • “Trump is not doing anything for the people besides enriching himself ... He doesn’t represent us at all.” — Harry Zdziarski, 69 • “I voted for him (in 2016) .. I think he’s doing a good job so far, doing a lot more that normal.” — Marie Williams, 43 • “I think he’s not fit to be president. I think he’s a dangerous man.” — Elizabeth Miccio, 56 Shickshinny • “I like Donald Trump. I think he could have done a lot better if the Democrats stopped hassling him.” — Linda Reiss, 68 • “Love him. Love him. With the economy and the way the country is going, why wouldn’t you vote for his policies.” — Barbara Beach, 87 Kingston Twp. • “I like the fact the country is moving forward.” — Isabel Kreidler, 89 • “His accomplishments say it all as far as jobs and so on. I think he’s doing a great job so far and has a lot more to do.” — Wayne Scott, 67 • “I think he has some good program agendas. I think he is working in a positive way to help everyone in this country.” — Larry Long, 72 • “I think you’re going to see a lot of young voters come out (against Trump). We might see a complete shift and realignment in United States government.” — Victoria Vespico, 19 Pittston • “We like him. I like the fact he’s ‘America first.’ ... We want to keep the agenda going.” — Nathaniel Still, 55 • “I like everything about him. I think he’s doing a great job and standing up for everything he said he was going to do.” — Eleanor Still, 66 • “I think he’s a threat to democracy, a threat to the world and he may, in fact, be a felon.” — Sharon Maxwell, 70 • “I voted for President Trump because of the success he had in business. I think Trump is doing a good job so far.” — Abdulla Kazimi, 24 Kingston • “I love what he has done for the country, what he’s trying to do. Financially, I think the economy is booming. There is so many more jobs.” — Susan Davis, 62 • “I am not happy with Trump’s policies about immigration and am very much interested in seeing things change. I don’t like his rhetoric at all. His rhetoric is inflammatory and it’s just too much for me to stomach.” — Gene Boylan, 67 • “Coming from a family of a small business owners President Donald Trump is definitely someone we look forward to seeing in office. He really helps target the smaller guys who work very hard for what they believe in.” — Shannon Claherty, 25 Edwardsville • “I think Donald Trump is a pathological liar. He’s mentally unstable and he is a racist. We need the Democrats to tame him and control the House so we could put him in his place.” — Leonard Nareski, 76 • “He’s not really my president. I don’t support him. Some things he is doing OK, but he is someone who doesn’t represent me and my community.” — Ron Soper, 56 Wilkes-Barre • “I think our country is divided and the Democrats need to come back in to even things out ... so there could be a real check and balance.” — Jason Johnson, 33 • “There are a lot of things I think, he’s not doing in regard to Constitutional rights and basic human rights. I don’t think he really understands what exactly is going on in our country That’s why I voted people to combat that and see if we could make a change.” — Abby Muth, 20 • “I like what he’s doing. He’s making more job opportunities. A lot of people are getting off welfare. I’m voting for him next time.” — Glenn Ellsworth, 19 • “He doesn’t focus on what really needs to be done. Whoever is in office can’t be based on emotions. We need a leader who that’s going to do right for the good of everyone and not just what he personally thinks.” — Nathaniel Williams, 31 • “He let down our country in many ways. Mostly, I’m disappointed he’s let down the party he promised to help. It’s been a lot of disappointments and he let our country down in that he hasn’t been a leader.” — Hannah Beach, 30 Wright Twp. • “As president, I think he’s doing a great job. He kept every promise, or of most of the promises, he’s made. I wish he were a little less provocative in Twitter. But in terms of following through on what he said he would do, he has followed through on what he said he’d do.” — Seth Fisher, 62 Contact the writer: bkalinowski@citizensvoice.com 570-821-2055, @cvbobkal

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