SVHS student recovering from heart transplant

November 30, 2018

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The holiday season tends to bring out an overwhelming sense of thankfulness each year. Many have much to be thankful for, and given the recent circumstances, Wade Smith and his family are thankful for each passing moment while he recovers from a life-saving heart transplant nearly three hours from home.

Smith, a Spring Valley High School freshman and member of the school’s football team, underwent a heart transplant Nov. 7 after battling a rare heart condition that moved him from the sidelines to a hospital bed at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, in September.

One day removed from the operation, Smith was taken off the ventilator. On Nov. 13 the family reported that all IVs and chest tubes were removed, meaning Smith had taken great strides in his recovery.

After steadily progressing in the days following the procedure, Smith was told he could soon be discharged from the hospital if results of a Nov. 19 heart catheterization came back positive. On Nov. 20 Wade’s mother, Elizabeth Smith, posted an update on Facebook regarding the next step for her son.

“He has been discharged from the hospital!!! The docs still want him close while he works on rehab and there will be blood draws, echos, and another heart Cath, so we will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House for another week or two,” the post read.

Smith has been flooded with support from home, and a few friends and teammates have made the trip to go visit him during his hospital stay.

Mekneiah Anderson and Allie Callicoat have been friends with Smith since first grade. The two have daily communication with him, but Callicoat said when they finally got to see Smith in person, they were “excited and happy.” Anderson said Smith is grateful and speaks often of the support he and his family have received in the past few months.

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