August 18, 2018


Our friend Don Christensen stopped by recently and provided a copy of a book he has recently published which details 55 different walking routes in the community and we found it pretty interesting.

The book is the result of Don’s diligent work as a member of the Get Healthy Watertown coalition and organizer of the Walk on Saturday program in the community that has a large number of followers.

The book was funded through the Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation and includes detailed walks of 1, 2 and 3 miles throughout the city.

The book is free and you can get one from the Watertown Department of Public Health at 515 S. First St. All that is asked is that if you no longer are using the book to return it to the health department so others can make use of it.

It is well done and each of the 55 walks are shown on a map of the area along with detailed instructions. The walks also include highlights around the city, distances and other pertinent information.

This publication is invaluable if you’re one of the many walkers in the community. It offers different routes, excellent scenery and some historical notes, all which together create an interesting opportunity.

One of the goals of the book is to increase the enthusiasm for walking and to get more people involved with this healthy sport.

Don also expressed his appreciation to Gary and Anne Fisk who take over his leadership work on the regular Saturday walks while he is in Arizona for the winter months, and also local historian William F. Jannke III who provided much of the historical information in the walking book.

We often make the 1.6-mile walk from our house to the office and then back later in the day, and it’s enjoyable to get out and see all the people and places in the community. In addition to the healthy aspects, we always learn something from someone or some place, simply by taking the time to look around.

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A few weeks ago the annual EAA AirVenture was hosted in Oshkosh and it brought visitors from far and near. It’s simply an incredible week for airplane enthusiasts and one of the highlights of the summer tourist season.

The convention is a short drive from Watertown but it’s an even shorter flight for those who have access to an airplane, and lots and lots of planes landed at the municipal airport and then took off later to attend the event.

With hotels and restaurants just a short walk from the airport it was a pretty busy week for Jeff Baum, owner of Wisconsin Aviation and also manager of the airport.

Many of the planes stop in Watertown to get fueled and to have some food before making the last leg of the trip up to Oshkosh.

Also groups of planes at times make a “mass takeoff,” often with all of the planes in a group of a certain kind.

Officials at the airport kept track of all the visiting planes and some of those statistics are pretty interesting.

Aircraft from 29 different states stopped here in Watertown, including 20 from Texas and 15 from Louisiana.

In addition some planes came from other countries. Aircraft that made stops at the Watertown airport from outside the United States included some from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada and Mexico.

That’s quite a variety and it’s also a sure sign that Watertown’s airport has much to offer the travelers to EAA AirVenture and throughout the year for that matter.

It’s also a sure sign Watertown Municipal Airport is a huge asset for our community.

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Another successful Riverfest is in the books, and this year the weather was near-perfect.

There was a little rain just about when the festival opened on Thursday at 4 p.m. but it quickly dissipated and from there on it was beautiful, sunny skies and warm weather — perfect for a festival of this size!

It will be a while before all the finances are figured out, but the information we have now shows revenues were higher than last year which turned out to be a good one. So, we’re optimistic.

The cost of putting on a four-day festival like this one is high, but people from Watertown and the surrounding area are strong supporters of the event.

Raffle tickets went well and that’s always a good sign because it’s one of the festival’s biggest sources of revenue.

It will take a month or more before the revenues and expenses are all accounted for, but people are working diligently on that aspect of the festival as you read this.

While good weather and good music are both essential ingredients we can’t minimize the huge number of volunteers that work tirelessly in various capacities to make the festival run smoothly.

We give a tip of our hat to all those volunteers. Without you the event simply could not happen!


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