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Victims of Alleged ‘Monster of Florence’ With PM-Italy-Monster of Florence

April 30, 1994

Undated (AP) _ Chronology of slayings police link to Pietro Pacciani, the so-called ″Monster of Florence:″

-August 21, 1968 in Signa: Antonio Lo Bianco, 32, and Barbara Locci, 29. Both shot. Locci’s daughter, then 6 years old, was sleeping in rear car seat and is prosecution witness in trial.

-Sept. 14, 1974 in Borgo San Lorenzo: Pasquale Gentilcore, 19, and Stefania Pettini, 18. Gentilcore shot; Pettini shot, stripped and stabbed 96 times.

-June 6, 1981 in Scandicci: Giovanni Foggi, 30, and Carmela Di Nuccio, 21. Di Nuccio’s genitalia cut off and taken away.

-Oct. 23, 1981 in Calenzano: Stefano Baldi, 24, and Susanna Cambi, 22. Baldi shot, stabbed; Cambi shot, stabbed, genitalia and piece of thigh cut off.

-June 19, 1982 in Montespertoli: Paolo Mainardi, 24, and Antonella Migliorini, 23. Mainardi survived shooting attack, but died in hospital.

-Sept. 9, 1983 in Galluzzo: Horst Meyer and Jens Uwe Rusch, both 24. German men, both shot. Car robbed after killing.

-July 29, 1984 in Vicchio: Claudio Stefanacci, 23, and Pia Rontini, 19. Stefanacci shot and stabbed. Rontini shot and genitalia cut off.

-Sept. 9, 1985 in San Casciano: Jean Kravcichvuili, 25, and Nadine Mauriot, 36. Kravcichvuili shot and stabbed. Mauriot shot and genitalia and left breast cut off.

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