James Koehler: Wall is just a red herring

February 28, 2019

Editor: Recent letters to the editor have focused on the necessity, according to Trump, of building a wall or barrier at the southern border to further protect the United States from drugs and illegal immigrants. This “Trump memorial wall” is unwanted by much of the private ownership along the border and would be impossible to build in other areas due to geological considerations. From 80 to 90 percent of the illegal drugs coming into the U.S. from Mexico come through open border crossings and would be unimpeded by barriers. It has also been shown that our southern neighbors are very adept at building tunnels under walls. Certainly some barriers are desirable and appropriate in specific areas and a significant number have already been constructed along with electronic and other surveillance equipment. Considerable money has been allocated in the recent bill, signed by Trump, to enhance and support such efforts.

Another Trump excuse for his wall is to prevent sex trafficking. You may recall his rants concerning the duck taping and kidnapping of women over the border. It turns out that two of every three sex traffic cases in the United States involves U.S. citizens; runaway kids and others lured into the trade by con artists and criminal enterprises. Most of the rest have come into the United States legally with student or work visas. So this Trump concoction is also a red herring excuse for a barrier. Do we really need to provide billions more just so Trump can put his name on a wall, maybe with gold plated razor wire on top? I think not.

James Koehler

Lake Havasu City