Many uses for old grain bin

September 27, 2018

I’ve got my eye on a grain bin — a small one that wouldn’t hold a bushel of grain if it had to. I just need to convince my husband that we need to move a rusty, metal grain bin into our backyard.

Sometimes he just doesn’t understand aesthetics.

It all started when I stopped last spring at a roadside plant and flower shop. It had some unique containers to put the plants in, and it had a unique building attached. An old grain bin had been set next to the garden shop, and it held gardening supplies. I loved it and had the idea we should get our own little grain bin.

It’s been a hard sell for my husband.

There are probably a couple reasons he’s hesitant.

First of all, where I see the opportunity to have a primitive piece of art decorating our yard, he sees a junky farm implement that needs to go onto a scrap iron pile. It’s usually hard for a farmer to see broken and outdated tools as decor.

Second, the bin would have to have a little work done to it. I envision holes cut into the sides so that I can place old barn doors and windows in the sides. Since he would be doing the cutting and placing, he has his doubts as to how that can all happen. He’s not sure he wants to try.

His last reason concerns the logistics of actually getting a bin to our backyard without it caving in, bending or blowing off the trailer.

Of course, I think all of these are minor worries that could be overcome by a little farmer ingenuity — something I’ll have to depend on my farmer/husband for.

But, oh, the possibilities for my grain bin. It could be a play house for our little granddaughter. I can see curtains fluttering at the windows and a wooden “Welcome” sign attached to one of the round walls.

If it seems too big for a play house, I could use it as a woman cave. I’m not sure what that would look like, although I picture some comfortable furniture, a bookshelf and a whimsical lamp. Strands of light could be strung around the perimeter of the little bin.

A mini grain bin could also work great as a potting shed or for lawnmower storage or a wood shed.

Right when I was giving up on the whole idea of having a grain bin in our back yard, I saw a photo of one that some ingenious folks had cut out and made into an outdoor bar. It got me thinking about the whole “tiny house” idea where people live in very small homes. I could make the bin into a bed and breakfast.

It might be awhile before I get a grain bin in my backyard especially when it doesn’t hold any grain. I did get my windmill, though. Wouldn’t an old grain bin be a good match for it?

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