New K-9 added to Gering Police Department

September 20, 2018

GERING — The Gering Police Department has welcomed a four-footed police officer to its ranks.

On Aug. 28, the department picked up its newest K-9 from a trainer in Alabama. The dog, named Kyra, is 2 years old and was imported from Croatia, Gering Police Chief George Hothus said. She is a Belgian Malinois.

Kyra is a single purpose dog, meaning she is trained in detecting contraband, like narcotics.

“We thought that it made sense with what we saw as far as use in the past.”

Kyra replaces the department’s previous K-9, Dexter, a Dutch Shepard retired in September 2017. Holtus said that the department took some time to continue its K-9 program.

“We were trying to determine whether we had someone who was interested in that role (of K-9 handler). It is a significant commitment, both professionally and personally.”

Kristin Massie, Gering officer, will be Kyra’s handler. As the Kyra’s handler, Massie traveled to the Nebraska State Patrol’s K-9 training program, where she and Kyra will train together for seven weeks. Training will be ongoing though, as handlers have to reinforce the dog’s skills. The K-9 also lives with its handler.

Kyra and Massie will return from training in October.

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