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January 10, 2019

Here are plans for AP’s upcoming coverage of the British Parliament vote on the Brexit agreement between the European Union and Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. The vote is scheduled for Jan. 15.

Thursday, Jan 10:


LONDON _ As Brexit enters its endgame, the big divide is not between the U.K. and the European Union, but between Britain’s government and its Parliament.

Since Britain and the EU struck a divorce deal late last year, the U.K.’s executive and legislature have been at war, with lawmakers battling to wrest control of the Brexit process from Prime Minister Theresa May. The drama could spark a constitutional crisis for a country without a written constitution, whose democracy rests on centuries of laws, precedents and conventions rather than a single document. By Jill Lawless. SENT: 800 words with file photos.


Friday, Jan 11:


LONDON _Spot news coverage including debate in Parliament which is scheduled to begin at approximately 1000GMT.


Sunday, Jan 13:


LONDON _Spot news including newsmaker comments, summaries from Sunday morning talk shows. With AP Video. 1400 GMT


Monday, Jan 14:


LONDON _Spot news including last minute lobbying by government in frantic effort to win back for unpopular withdrawal bill. Is prime minister making any headway? Debate begins at 1500GMT. With AP Photos. AP Video.


LONDON _ A chunky text look at what the government might do next if the prime minister’s bill is defeated. Would it move toward a hard exit, a second referendum, a Norwegian style arrangement, or another option? By Jill Lawless. 750 words, 1400 GMT


Tuesday, Jan 15:


LONDON _Running coverage throughout the day on last hours of debate running up to Parliament’s votes on whether to accept or reject the divorce deal agreed between the government and the European Union. The debate is due to begin at 1100GMT with the vote expected around 1900-2000GMT. We’ll have reaction following the result. By Jill Lawless, Danica Kirka, Gregory Katz. AP Photos. AP Video.

With: Reaction from EU leaders and EU Parliament


Wednesday, Jan 16:


LONDON _ Investors are poised for a period of increased volatility in financial markets, especially for the pound, if the British parliament rejects Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. With AP Photos. AP Video. 450 words, 1000 GMT


LONDON _What’s the next step in the difficult Brexit process now that action has finally been taken on Prime Minister Theresa May’s much maligned withdrawal bill. A look ahead at coming days and weeks. If bill has been defeated, government must present its preferred Plan B option in three days. With AP Photos. AP Video. 1400 GMT, 800 words


LONDON _If the withdrawal bill has been defeated, a look at people and political leaders campaigning for a second referendum. With AP Photos. AP Video.


Friday, Jan 18:


LONDON _ An east London artisanal soap company that believes Brexit will be good for their business. By Danica Kirka. AP Photos. AP Video. 900 words by 1500 GMT.

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