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April 25, 1994

Undated (AP) _ ″The fighting has been exceptionally heavy today. The fire is very, very heavy.″ - Abdul Kabia, a U.N. spokesman in Kigali, on the heavy mortar and gunfire exchanged by Rwandan rebels and government forces on Sunday.


″I don’t want you to concentrate on the violent action of those people who want to disrupt the process.″ - ANC President Nelson Mandela appealing for calm after a car bomb exploded in downtown Johannesburg, causing a heavy loss of life and damaging the headquarters of the African National Congress just two days before South Africa’s first all-race election.


″In the last 24 hours in Gorazde, the situation, I’m delighted to say, is quiet.″ - Lt. Gen. Sir Michael Rose, the U.N. commander in Bosnia, as Bosnian Serbs on Sunday gave up their three-week assault on Gorazde under the threat of NATO air strikes.

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