Provo bands unite for Velour’s 13th Cowboys and Indies event

November 15, 2018

In 2006, Velour Live Music Gallery owner Corey Fox and Neon Trees lead singer Tyler Glenn teamed up to form Cowboys and Indies, an event that billed bands of different musical styles together in order to create awareness and camaraderie between groups that normally wouldn’t play at the same show.

Now in its 13th year, the event is set to bring together local bands comprising two of Provo’s most prominent musical genres, roots rock/Americana and indie synth rock, in two concerts this weekend.

This year’s “indies” will include headliners Noble Bodies and Robert Loud, Telesomniac, and Goldmyth, who will share the stage with “cowboys” Mia Grace, Harpers, Fox Running, and Josh Snider and the Attic Kids.

Bryce Taylor of Noble Bodies told the Daily Herald he and bandmate Elaine Bradley of Neon Trees, who have performed at Cowboys and Indies in previous years with other bands, had a good time with the event in the past and are excited to play there again.

“I personally enjoy shows where each band has sometime unique and different to showcase,” Taylor said. “This gives, I think, the Provo scene and others a really great chance to maybe step out of their comfort zone, but to find a really unique music kind of pasture to find their way into and maybe open their mind up a little bit to other acts and musical genres here in the local community.”

Taylor said he thinks it’s important that the event connects different groups of fans that would otherwise be going to the same types of shows “over and over again.”

“This showcases to all those who are going to come to this event this artistic expression that does exist in this community, that it’s not just, let’s say, pop rock or indie rock, and it’s not just singer-songwriters or folk bands,” Taylor said. “There are all kinds of unique rock bands, singers, others who are really pushing and showing their artistic expressions in ways that some may not expect, and I think that’s really important for this particular artistic community to see and to witness and to be a part of.”

Robbie Connolly of Robert Loud said he loves Velour’s Cowboys and Indies event because “it brings bands to the same bill that wouldn’t typically be booked together.”

“It’s always an honor to participate at Velour, and this show will be the first time I close a show there with this project,” Connolly said in an email. “I recently added three wonderful friends to the lineup, so that helps bring more to the show and I look forward to having them play with me.”

Connolly, also known as a touring member of The Killers and lead guitarist for Provo-based rock band Fictionist, said his project Robert Loud started as a way for him to experiment with synthesizers and drum machines.

“As lead guitar for Fictionist, I was definitely more known as a guitarist, and my fascinations had drifted from that instrument,” Connolly said. “As I wrote ideas on my other instruments there were ideas that I felt didn’t fit with Fictionist’s sound and I explored them and the Robert Loud sound evolved from that.”

For Connolly, Velour’s special annual shows like Cowboys and Indies, the All-Star Christmas Special and the Slumber Party, are the events he finds himself looking forward to and is disappointed to miss.

“It’s always nice to have a special touch to the show that gives just a little more incentive to come out and see it,” Connolly said.

Taylor said he is looking forward to the opportunity to headline Cowboys and Indies with Noble Bodies and invites people to get away from their normal daily routine by going to the event and having a good time.

“That’s what we offer is we’re asking people to feel anything, and it’s loud and it’s soft and it’s beautiful and angry. … It’s kind of a wide range of the human experience, and so we’re hoping that our performance will showcase that, that this is basically a representation of our life, of what we’ve gone through, so we’re looking forward to showcasing it through musical form, and it’ll be fun,” Taylor said. “Especially those who’ve never been to a concert like this or the Velour itself, just get out and see it. It’s an amazing part of this community.”

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