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What Do You Do with $3 Million? Go Back to Work

January 14, 1986

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) _ Bonnie Snell may be the only assistant manager at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant who’s a millionaire, but that didn’t stop her from reporting for work as usual.

″It’s quite a raise, but I just don’t feel any different,″ said Mrs. Snell, 54, as she added another day Sunday to her 17-year restaurant career.

On Saturday she became the California Lottery’s second $3 million prize winner.

″What does a millionaire feel like? Maybe just that you can do what you want, when you want.″

And for Mrs. Snell, work apparently is what she wants to do.

″All day the regulars have asked me what a millionaire is doing carrying coffee cups,″ she said. ″I tell them I’m rich, not helpless.″

″Everybody says Caribbean cruises, a trip to Europe,″ she added. ″Those just don’t have much of an appeal for me.″

Between scolding newspaper photographers for disrupting the restaurant’s business, Mrs. Snell said she might consider taking a two-week vacation now. But if anybody quits work, she added, it will be her husband of 35 years, Louis Snell, 57, and not her.

″I’d miss the people,″ she said of retirement. ″I always figured I’d be here until they decided I looked too old.″

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